Sales Consultant - Value for money?

Why should you consider a sales consultant to help with your buying process?

Part 1 - Let’s start with the free site survey.

What is the maximum weight of the goods or pallet the operation needs to handle and what is the width, depth and height of the load? A pretty straight forward question, right?

Many times, sales consultants in the MHE industry will ask the question above and the most common answer we hear is ‘around 1 tonne’ and I put emphasis on the word around and that the customer uses standard pallets. So, with this in mind a 1500kg coun­ter­bal­ance will do the job, correct?

You would like to think so but there are so many variables that you need to take into account to ensure that you are buying or renting the correct forklift truck, which is safe for the job you want it to do.

Things that can affect the forklifts safe working load:

Load centre – The load centre is the measurement of half the length of the load down the fork and if the pallet is handled at 1200mm deep or 600mm load centre then you are working with an extended load which reduces the safe working load of the truck.

Side shift – A hook on side shift is an attachment which can be added to the forklift truck to help assist with pallet placement. These, for the small trucks, can weigh circa 55kg and have an LLC or lost load centre of around 50mm. So, adding one of these to a forklift truck is adding additional weight and moving the load and the loads centre of gravity which again reduces the safe working load.

Lift height – When the forklift truck lifts past a certain height, you then get a deration effect and if the pallets being handled are 2000mm in height, this deration will happen lower down the lift height!

The three scenarios I have mentioned above are common items which will all affect the load capacity of a forklift truck, however there are many other things for you to think about – Are you carrying a liquid product, as the swashing about of the liquid during acceleration and braking will affect the load, operating on ramps or gradients, are there any potholes or uneven surfaces and one more for you to think about, does your operator carry two pallets at a time to help reduce the time taken to load/unload a vehicle?

I will leave this with you for now and will add part two in a week or two. However if you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact our sales team on 01928 574 555 or email