For the really heavy work


  • Excellent visibility thanks to new mast concept
  • Powerful electrical drive has very low environmental impact and high handling rate
  • Compact design and excellent mobility


Emissions-free efficiency is offered by the electric forklift trucks in the RX 60-35 to RX 60-50 product line. In addition to being emissions-free, the trucks are very powerful with a lifting capacity of 3.5 to 5.0 tonnes, while also being extremely compact and manoeuvrable. Another advantage means that the coun­ter­bal­anced forklift truck can be used both inside and outside as an optimum transport solution throughout all sectors: the mast offers a generous view of the goods being transported. Plus, the sideways view past the mast sets standards. Benefits like these make the RX 60-35 to RX 60-50 a flexible and innovative all-purpose forklift truck which is also ideal for multiple-shift use thanks to its greater battery capacity and lateral battery changing.

With a maximum driving speed of 20 km/h, this efficient forklift truck can also transport materials over several hundred metres extremely quickly and reliably. For locations at which heavy loads need to be lifted to great heights, STILL also offers the RX 60 with a load centre of 600 mm and, therefore, a particularly high associated residual load capacity. This means that the RX 60-45 can lift 4.5 tonnes to a height of over six metres – which is a great advantage in the drinks industry and many others. The additional range of available accessories such as side shifters, rotators and bulk buckets makes the RX 60-35 to RX 60-50 electric forklift trucks a universal warehouse assistant for a wide range of applications.


  • Can lift up to 5 tonnes with a load centre of 600 mm
  • Move goods effectively: driving speed of up to 20 km/h
  • Sufficient energy for multi-shift operations: high battery capacity and lateral battery replacement
  • Maintenance-free rotary current drive


  • Driving programmes allow the user to switch between maximum handling performance or optimum efficiency
  • Adjustable to suit every task: speed, acceleration and braking can all be individually set
  • Sensitive operation and continuous control of lifting speed: the latest proportional valve technology
  • Intuitive one-pedal control
  • Precise load handling: driver’s seat set to one side giving optimal view past loads


  • Spacious, comfortable driver’s cab that can be individually set up and offers numerous storage compartments
  • Feel at home: standard, easy-to-use operating concept across the whole RX product line
  • Comfortable: simple and safe entry and exit
  • Choose from a range of individual control options: multi-lever, minilever, Fingertip or Joystick 4Plus


  • Ideal for use in small spaces: compact truck dimensions and extreme mano­euv­ra­bility allow for operation in narrow aisles


  • Perfect all-round view: higher driver’s seat and large viewing window on all sides, including in the protective roof
  • Optimum safety thanks to the truck’s low centre of gravity
  • Outstanding driving stability when turning

Environmental Respon­sibility

  • Low operating costs: low energy consumption and long maintenance intervals
  • Emission-free drive
  • Blue-Q efficiency mode allows energy savings of up to 20% at the touch of a button with no loss of performance
  • Over 95% of all installed materials are recyclable
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