Powerlift Building Refurbishment Works

Welcome to Powerlift Materials Handling: We hope that you enjoy some of the photographs taken of our recent building refur­bis­hment.


A Pose

Water drainage and pipework installation for the toilets and office kitchen.

A Digger

A rather large mound of soil.

A Mound

View from the warehouse into the reception and service admi­nis­tra­tion areas

A Reception Window from Warehouse

Long shot down the warehouse/­workshops

A Warehouse Long Shot

More trench work - This is to take the waste water and oil from the wash area when cleaning off used forklifts. This is then drained into a separation tank  which is designed to prevent oil pollution from reaching the water course.

A Trench

After the works are complete: 


Reception area looking through into service admi­nis­tra­tion offices

B Reception into service

The warehouse/­workshops looking towards the offices.

B Warehouse Complete Long Shot

Looking through the roller shutter doors into the warehouse/­workshop areas.

B Warehouse through roller shutter

The outdoor storage, delivery and wash area with power washer 

B Side storage and clean off 2

Service, hire and admi­nis­tra­tion offices: Awaiting furniture of course.

B Service and Hire Reception

Front entrance now finished with glass doors and nice new windows to help brighten up the offices.

B Front View 2

Signage coming soon - Pictures to follow:

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