Powered Pallet Trucks

Within the STILL product range we can provide a wide variety of pedestrian low-lift pallet trucks to suit every need.­ Our low lift pallet trucks raise their loads clear of the floor for transpor­ta­tion over both short and long distances.

For pedestrian operation the low lift pallet trucks are tiller controlled. Want the driver to ride on the truck? No problem! For rider operation there are low lift pallet trucks with a side seat or driver's stand on platform.
In addition, for those heavy duty Multi-Shifting applications which require battery change over STILL offer a Lithium-Ion alternative. It would take at least 7,5 hours to fully charge a lead acid battery, the lithium-ion battery only needs 40 minutes to reach a capacity of 60% charge. To reach its full capacity, the lithium-ion battery only needs 1,5 hours.
In addition charging the lithium-ion battery at break times  (opportunity charging) is possible and does not cause any loss of battery capacity.