RTITB accredited training

RTITB Approved and Accredited Training

With our training partners, the RTITB accredited training courses will give you the skills to operate the piece of MHE safely and efficiently, carry out a pre-use inspection, and recall and explain the causes of truck and load instability. From the age of 17 and above with good co-ordination you shouldn't have any difficult in gaining a forklift quali­fica­tion.
The courses are run either at our premises in Runcorn or can be done In-House at your site.
RTITB material handling equipment courses ensure the training you receive meets the standard required by law (PUWER Reg 9) and that you get an operator certificate or "forklift licence" that proves this.

Courses Available

Coun­ter­bal­ance Forklifts - For loading & unloading vehicles, moving goods in yards and in warehouses

Reach Trucks - Used in confined areas and narrow isles in warehouses.­ Coun­ter­bal­ance Lift Truck

Articulated Forklift – Use indoor and outside whilst working in very narrow aisle widths

Pedestrian Operated Truck – Whether it stacks in the racking or designed to move a pallet within the warehouse

Mobile Elevated Working Platform – For stock taking, order picking or maintenance works

Very Narrow Aisle Lift Truck – Man up or Man down for working in very narrow aisle’s

Order Picker – For order picking applications 

Sideloader – Which are predominantly used to handle long loads

Tow Tractor – Where trailers are used

Multi Directional Lift Truck – i.e Combilift

Choice of Courses

1 day Re-Fresher / Re-Certi­fica­tion - for anyone who had formal training, with lots of current forklift operating experience needing to re-new their existing certificate.

2 day and 3 day Courses - suitable for someone with experience but no formal training.

4 and 5 day Courses - for someone with not much experience or who has never used a forklift.

If you are not sure about which course you need....

Give us a call and talk to our knowledgeable staff who can offer to help.