New Manitou MI18 G

We have available and Ready to Go in stock a Brand New Manitou MI18 G. 
The Manitou MI18G perfectly represents Manitous involvement in the Industrial Market and the MI Truck Range has been designed around user expectations such as: 
  • Simplicity 
  • Comfort
  • Reliability 
  • Efficient 
All of this with the added bonus of Low Running Costs. 
The Manitou MI Range are STRONG MACHINES.
Manitou trucks are equipped with monobloc chassis and have strengthened masts and axles. 
The Okamura transmission optimises the efficiency of various engines - in this example, the MI18 G. 
The MI Range Trucks are fitted as standard with an air filter consisting of primary filter and a security cartridge and are designed to resist corrosion and vibration. That means increased longevity and filtering capacity. 
Reducing machine downtime is a key factor in reducing costs and the MI18 G meets this requirement with its ease of maintenence. 
The simplicity of the deisgn (a limited number of electronic parts) helps keep the maintenence costs down. Easy access to components are positioned in sealed casings protected from dust and moisture. 
Our ready to go MI18 G has the following specifi­cation:­ 
  • Base Capacity 1800kg 
  • Triplex Full Free Lift Mast Type 
  • 4700mm Lift Height 
  • Intergrated Side Shift 
  • SOlid Rubber Tyres
  • Manual Levers 
  • Front and Rear Working Lights
If you would like further inforamtion, spec or to view/test drive this truck, please get in touch with us today and a member of the team will be more than happy to assisit you.