The Old Adage States That People Buy From People

Powerlift Materials Handling Ltd are delighted to announce a multimillion pound contract for the supplying of an excess of over 100 New and Used material handling equipment machines across all UK sites with world-renowned blue chip Tyre Company.

The Tyre Company, who have been listed on the Milan Stock Exchange since 1922 have two major production sites based in Carlisle & Burton-on-Trent and will see Powerlift supply all equipment across the two sites on a long term contract with full maintenance.

The contract see’s premium equipment manufactured by prestigious brands such as Still & Manitou including coun­ter­bal­ance, pallet trucks, low level order pickers, access platforms and other specialist warehousing equipment.

To say people, buy from people is an under­sta­tement when it comes to the story of Powerlift and the Carlisle Tyre Company.

Powerlifts Managing Director, Steven Routledge, has done us justice by developing a personal relationship with senior management since 1997, via his previous employer and has continued to develop this relationship even further and the bonds have grown even stronger since 2017. The unbreakable trust developed between the Routledge family and the Tyre Leaders is what led to the start of this remarkable experience in 2018.

Powerlift Managing Director & Account Manager for the new client, Steven Routledge had the following to say:

“I am delighted that the Tyre Company have placed their full faith and trust in Powerlift as their sole supplier for all of their material handling needs. The journey over the past couple of months has been eye opening, as I have been able to see just how capable we are of working alongside this incredible Italian Giant. To say it is an honor is an under­sta­tement. I cannot conclude our gratitude enough to the company for all that they have done for me and my team, the engineers have work especially hard over the weeks that have led to this result and their hard work has not gone unnoticed by either parties. We were a mere 10 month old business when all of this began and I would also like to place on record my sincere appreciation to Manitou, Still and all our other suppliers who helped make this all possible. I am overjoyed
to see what the future holds as we begin this new venture arm in arm.”


Powerlift are continuing to embark upon this major success and our staff are working around the clock relentlessly to ensure more news like this is released soon.

We've hit the ground running, and this is only the beginning...


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