Maintenance and Repair

Equipment maintenance can be a worry and sometimes costly, we at Powerlift can help ease the strains; Whether it’s a chassis, drive unit or a mast – each mechanical and electrical component of a forklift truck must function perfectly in order to ensure a smooth working process and safety in the workplace.

Costly expenditure for repairs can be considerably reduced by continual maintenance of the truck to manufacturer recommended intervals. The benefits are obvious: Your materials handling equipment is always ready for operation, and even repairs can be planned in advance to suit your production process.

At best, you enter into a Maintenance Contract with Powerlift, not only offering you particularly favourable conditions, but Powerlift takes on the whole control of the maintenance schedules. As a customer your needs are our priority that is why we are passionate about our service, a service built around honesty and integrity, providing the personal feel to every one of our customers.

Powerlift your choice - Preventative maintenance

As simply as it states, you can choose a payment schedule which best suits your needs from a pay as you go maintenance contract, or alternatively spreading the cost over a set period, giving you piece of mind that no sudden service bills will land on your doorstep. All the costs would be discussed and agreed with our service team and aligned to suit your budget before entering into any maintenance plan.

Full Maintenance from Powerlift

Yet another interesting offer from Powerlift: We are offering you special Full-Service contracts – again with particularly favourable conditions, including any repair work necessary.

Powerlift takes on the respon­sibility for risk of repair and can guarantee the constant availability of your fleet. You simply pay a fixed monthly cost which covers routine servicing, breakdowns, replacement parts &­ maintenance, subject to fair wear and tear. This means that you will not only have the benefit of fixed costs to help with your budget planning, but also peace of mind, knowing that all repairs and maintenance will be carried out using genuine spare parts.

Additional added benefits from a full maintenance contract is that Powerlift take on the respon­sibility of ensuring that manufacturer service intervals are adhered too, taking the respon­sibility away from you, allowing you to be more productive by concentrating on your daily duties. In addition, the expenses are *fully tax-deductible as operational expenses.

Equipment inspection is required and any remedial works to be undertaken before agreement commences.

*Please confirm with your accounts department


Wear repairs - Repair of Normal Wear and Tear Items

All MHE is designed for intensive use - this leads to wear and tear on the strained parts such as forks, tyres, chains or batteries.

Replacement of these parts doesn't normally occur regularly; however, it is dependent on the machine's use. This means that the need for a service can occur at short notice - for example following the operators daily visual and functional check.

Powerlift provide availability and fast delivery of these parts so that your vehicle is up to health and safety standards and ready for use as soon as possible.

Accident repairs - Repair Following an Accident

An accident is always aggravating: the vehicle is damaged and maybe your product, shelving or the warehouse itself. In worst case scenarios someone has even been injured.

Powerlift provides support in a number of ways: we can prepare fast and nonbinding quotations for vehicle repair costs.

Our consultation helps you to decide on the best financial solution to repairing the MHE and guarantees that you have an operational and safe vehicle again as soon as possible. These repairs return the vehicle to its original condition so that it once again meets the manufacturer's guidelines which will also retains a forklift's value.

If the vehicle has to be deemed VOR then do not despair, again we are here to help and can provide short term hire solutions to help retain productivity.

In order to avoid the occurrence of accidents in the first place, we would recommend driver training and annual refresher courses.

Modernization – Upgrade repairs, retrofitting

A vehicle is often used in a different area which requires headlights, a heated cabin, longer forks restraint systems, etc. In short, accessories have to be added. Powerlift can advise and offer a full comprehensive range of add-ons and accessories which would suit both company and operator’s needs.

Thorough examination - Security with Powerlift

At least once a year – as required by law – forklift trucks must undergo a thorough examination check in accordance with the Industrial Trucks Regulations. According to this accident prevention regulation, the users are personally responsible for the safety of their forklift trucks.

Powerlift’s work in the thorough examination check is as quality conscious as in all the other areas: from checking the forks right up to measuring the length of the load chains – all details are thoroughly and accurately checked with special test equipment and recorded in the Test Book.

The thorough examination runs to a general assessment of the state of the industrial truck and its equipment. In particular the following are put to the test:

  • Steering, brakes, wheels, controls and drive
  • Hydraulic system, mast, hoist chains, load pick up equipment (forks etc.)
  • Overhead guard


Response is key, we offer a response time to breakdowns within a 4 hour* of a call, our aim is to first time fix were possible to prevent down time resulting in loss of business,

We also have the support of fully equipped workshops which can provide extra assistance should the need arise in order to keep your business running smoothly.

*Vehicle off road


All service vehicles are equipped with common fast-moving parts, uncommon or parts from a more obscure problem can be fast tracked overnight or source locally in order to provide a fast and efficient service keeping downtime to an absolute minimum.


Working platforms

Winter equipment – Snow ploughs, Gritters

Handling attachments - Side shifts. Rotators, Clamps, Drum grabs, fork extensions, Lifting jibs, Waste handling

Blue pedestrian spot lamps