Multifunction Truck KANVAN

  • Real innovation for the future of intra­log­istics
  • Combined Functi­onality: all the necessary tasks with a single device
  • Agile manoeuvring in narrow aisle

A genuine innovation for the intra­log­istics of tomorrow

The KANVAN, the first standard truck of its type, integrates two functions essential in modern production provision: powerful towing of trailers and stacking or moving goods.

Thus the KANVAN enables the user, on his own initiative and independent of other trucks, to carry out all necessary tasks on his way through the operation with only one truck. The KANVAN thus integrates in an innovative manner all functions which are needed in practice to implement modern production concepts (e.g. lean production, Kanban, etc.)

Combined functionality

The KANVAN combines the mano­euv­ra­bility of a compact standard tractor with the possibility of lifting goods weighing up to 1000 kg to a height of 1250 or 1800 mm.

The dynamic 3 kW AC drive has a towing power of 4000 kg and allows a maximum speed of 13 km/h.

The compact build with a length of 1595 mm allows flexible manoeuvring even in narrow aisles.


  • Electrical steering with automatic return to the neutral position.
  • In the middle steering range unwanted steering movements are electro­nic­ally damped in order to guarantee straight ahead travel without fluctuations.
  • The central position of the drive wheel guarantees good traction and also stable straight ahead running when accelerating and braking.
  • The automatic speed reduction when travelling round bends provides a high lateral stability and reduces the effects of centrifugal force.

Truck frame

  • Reinforced in the frontal area for collision protection. Located behind the removable front cowl the whole technology of the truck is easily accessible.

Combi operating controls

The modern combi controls of the STILL cockpit contain all functions for guiding, operating and controlling the KANVAN. Thanks to the ergonomic arrangement of the buttons, all functions can be reached without changing grip. The following functions are integrated in the cockpit:

  • Driving
  • Steering
  • Lifting and lowering
  • Work hour meter
  • Discharge indicator
  • Adjustable drive programmes
  • Standard access authorisation by pin code
  • Diagnosis by Service Code

In addition to this, the cockpit offers secure support whilst driving.

Operating the mast

  • The mast can be simply operated from the driver’s station through the STILL cockpit. An additional button on the rear of the truck is available as standard, for the best view on the forks and load when operating the mast.
  • With the aid of the patented system the forks can be comfortably folded up or down at the push of a button. The driver can thus safely control all functions from his station without having to stand outside the truck.

Driver’s station

  • The damped driver’s stand on platform provides optimal conditions for entry and exit thanks to a low step height and an anti-slip covering.
  • The stand on platform on the KANVAN also acts as a safety switch through a contact in order to ensure that the driver is standing in the truck when hoisting and lowering.
  • The rear wall of the driver’s station consists of a plastic (RIM) also used in car building and is ergonomically matched to the driver’s needs.
  • The padded backrest with shaped side supports provides the greatest comfort and security when driving.
  • Various storage compartments and holders for rolls of foil or paperwork are integrated in the driver’s station.
  • A writing desk is available as an option for the KANVAN.


  • Powerful, economical and thus cost-saving thanks to a 3.0 kW three-phase motor.
  • Together with the STILL cockpit the latest generation of AC controllers provides the opportunity to adjust the truck performance at the push of a button. For this the driver simply switches from one mode to another.
  • The central position of the drive wheel guarantees good traction in order to apply force to the roadway even in difficult situations.
  • A high floor clearance of 70 mm and cushioning polyurethane tyres also allow use outdoors and on uneven floors.
  • When standing on the ramp or when the drive switch is released the controller monitors the truck and prevents uncontrolled rolling back by closing the motor brake.
  • In “ECO” mode (Tortoise button) the motor follows the standard charac­te­ristic curve which is programmed for efficient consumption and allows nominal acceleration. This gives a long operating period per battery charge.
  • In “BOOST” mode (Hare button) the motor follows a very dynamic charac­te­ristic curve which allows a high torque, increased acceleration and also higher speeds under load. Productivity is once again noticeably increased by this.
  • In both modes the driving programme can be tuned to the particular requirements of the application and to the driver’s (speed. acceleration. braking).
  • A speed sensor connected to the control unit provides soft uniform acceleration of the KANVAN up to maximum speed, regardless of the load on the forks.
  • The truck will brake when the drive switch on the STILL cockpit is released or when the driver brakes. Here, the AC motor acts as a generator and the energy gained during braking is stored in the battery.


  • The single lift mast of the KANVAN offers a lift height of 1250 mm as standard or 1800 mm as an option. With these the KANVAN can raise a load of 1000 kg to full lift height.
  • Depending on the goods to be lifted, hinged forks of different lengths can be selected (790 mm, 990 mm, 1190 mm).
  • The proportional hydraulic valve enables sensitive lifting and lowering and also allows the forks to be folded in and out smoothly.

Brake system

  • Soft and secured braking with energy recovery is activated by releasing the butterfly switch, or by plugging.


  • The battery is easily accessible and can be changed using a hoist or at the side through integral roller tracks, for two or three shift operation.
  • Two different battery trays accommodate batteries with a capacity of up to 450 and 600 Ah respectively.


  • Trailer load 4000 kg.
  • The trailer load and travel speed are dependent on the gradient in question.
  • The standard pin coupling offers five different coupling heights (300/­355/­410).
  • Coupling variants on request (e.g. Rockinger).


  • A unique modular accessory system due to multi-functional holder (front and rear end).
  • Adjustable A4 writing desk.
  • Warning light.
  • Spotlights.
  • Reversing light and brake light.
  • Rear-view mirror.
  • Several types of trailer coupling.
  • Preparation for data terminal.
  • Additional holders for accessories (on request).
  • Pedestrian operation through butterfly switch on the cockpit and/or by buttons on the backrest.
  • Various speed settings.
  • Battery compartment for 600 Ah battery.
  • If required the second order-picking level can be reached with the hinged step.
  • Accident recorder (optional as part of STILL FleetManager).
  • An extra coupling on the truck front is possible (only KANVAN 10).


  • Trucks comply with the EC guideline 2006/42 and bear the CE symbol.
  • STILL is certified to ISO 9001.