Robust and Efficient


STILL’s EXU-S series of low lift pallet trucks with driver’s stand-on platform have been specially designed for the loading and unloading of HGVs using ramps. The slanted chassis mitigates the risk of becoming stuck or jammed on ramp transitions and ensures swift, safe movement on ramps. Steering is particularly smooth, while also offering mano­euv­ra­bility in even the narrowest of spaces. The trucks are available in two different platform designs. The side access model delivers optimal driver comfort and safety for handling work and horizontal transport over long distances, while the rear access model is the ideal choice for any application that requires the operator to regularly get on and off the truck.

EXU-S Li-Ion

The EXU Li-Ion is an efficient and compact bundle of energy which guarantees optimum availability. Not only is interim charging of the low lift pallet truck possible, but the charging process itself is significantly quicker than that of conventional lead acid batteries – the lithium-ion battery can be charged to 60 percent in just 40 minutes. What’s more, the lithium-ion battery lasts around twice as long as a lead acid battery, is maintenance-free and can be used in a cold store. This ground­bre­aking technology is also setting new standards with regard to safety. Every battery cell is monitored in real time. In short, the EXU-S Li-Ion is the ideal low lift pallet truck for extended periods of operation in industry, the retail market and logistics.

PowerEXU-S_Dock Loading

  • Specially developed frame allows for rapid loading and unloading of HGVs, as well as fast and safe movement on ramps
  • Maintenance-free, enclosed 3 kW three-phase drive motor with a maximum driving speed of 12 km/h is perfect for middle to long distances The powerful 2.2 kW lift motor ensures optimal efficiency when lifting and lowering loads
  • Low maintenance, long-lived batteries with a capacity of up to 620 Ah offer high availability. Also available with lithium-ion battery of up to 410 Ah for particularly intensive applications

PrecisionEXU-S_many in warehouse

  • Fatigue-free, precise and safe working conditions – even in the narrowest of spaces – thanks to smooth electric steering
  • High reloading performance: rounded, cast iron fork tips enable swift threading into pallets
  • Reliability guaranteed: compact design delivers excellent mano­euv­ra­bility as well as precise, smooth driving in a straight line


  • Fatigue-free operation: fully sprung stand-on platform guarantees vibration-free operation, allowing the driver to concentrate on their work
  • Optimal driver comfort: an ideal lateral support and upholstered backrest ensure the driver’s comfort – even over long distances
  • The chassis is available in either side access or rear access models if desired


  • Tilted chassis ensures fantastic mano­euv­ra­bility on ramps without becoming stuck or jammed on the ramp’s transition
  • Precise and mobile: compact dimensions allow for fast, safe work in even the tightest of spaces


  • Automated speed reduction and twin support castors ensure safe handling around corners
  • As soon as the operator lets go of the COCKPIT control element or steps off the truck, the brakes are automatically applied

Environmental Respon­sibility

  • Low operating costs: low energy costs and long service intervals
  • Optimal energy efficiency: ECO driving mode reduces electricity consumption without affecting productivity
  • Over 95 percent of all materials used are recyclable
What is Li-Ion or Lithium Ion?