Intelligent Towing

Intelligent towing that looks unbelievably good as well. STILL’s compact LTX 20 tractor not only features a high level of functi­onality, but also impresses with its well-thought-out design. Design is far more than just visual appearance – take the ergonomic backrest with folding seat, for example, which protects your back and ensures that you are relaxed in your work. On the subject of work, the slimline tractor is a trooper like no other: Compact and manoeuvrable, it pulls up to two tonnes of heavy loads and on top of that achieves impressively high acceleration values. The precise and intuitive steering ensures that the operator is always in full control when handling loads.

With a width of just 600 mm, the LTX 20 is easy to manoeuvre even through the narrowest of aisles. It is ideal for tugger train solutions in lean production or for transporting baggage at airports, but is also highly suitable for use in countless other areas. For example, the LTX 20 is also an excellent way of transporting laundry around hospitals or transporting materials for many different types of repairs, especially as the back of the transport model on its own can carry up to 400 kg.


  • Powerful, reliable, low maintenance: modern three-phase drive motors
  • Strong handling performance: high towing loads of 2,000 to 5,000 kg
  • Fast goods transport: speeds of up to 14 km/h with the LTX 50 and up to 8 km/h with the LTX 20
  • Always available: optional lateral battery changes and the Li-Ion battery option for the LTX 50 allows fast charging and simple intermediate charging
  • High performance: pedestrian mode saves mounting and dismounting


  • Intuitive control of all functions without changing grip: innovative STILL EASY Drive steering wheel on the LTX 50
  • Precision coupling: fast and safe thanks to full visibility of the trailer coupling
  • Shock-free and safe goods transport: precision acceleration and steering behaviour plus optional pedestrian mode
  • Various drive programmes: the ideal drive programme for any application


  • Standing comfortably: modern, sprung and damped driver stand platform; for the LTX 50 even an optional adjustable pneumatically damped stand platform
  • More comfort over long trips: folding seat for more travel comfort
  • Fatigue-free working: low vehicle entry simplifies mounting and dismounting
  • Generous driver cabin with storage space
  • Easily loadable transporter: cargo area height from 271 mm on the LTX-T 04


  • Narrow design: extremely compact and agile for working in tight spaces
  • Down the narrowest aisles: very small turning radius enables application in narrow aisles


  • High safety and accident prevention: high visibility of the vehicle thanks to optional LED daytime running lights, Safety Light and Safety Light 4Plus
  • Versatile and flexible access control with FleetManager 4.x
  • High safety on curvy routes: steering angle dependent speed control Curve Speed Control
  • Prevention of impact damage: versatile collision protection options

Environmental Respon­sibility

  • A glowing example: long service life and energy-saving LED lamps
  • Sustainable: over 95 per cent of all materials used are recyclable
  • Low energy costs at the touch of a button: efficiency mode Blue-Q on the LTX 50
  • Minimised noise emissions: very quiet driving motor
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