Coun­ter­bal­anced Stacker

The Combi-CS coun­ter­bal­ance offers the best narrow aisle performance and enhanced safety for operators and other personnel in the locality.

The multi-position tiller arm allows for an optimum narrow aisle performance because the arm can be turned to the left or right of the unit to position the rear drive wheel, allowing for the operator to remain at the side of the machine, rather than the rear as is the case with other pedestrian operated stackers. 

This positioning eliminates the risk of operators being trapped or crushed between the back of the machine and racking when handling products. It also allows for the full visibility of the load, the forks and the surrounding area due to the operator not needing to look through the mast.

With the working position being alongside the unit, this also enables reduced aisle widths as the length from the back of the unit to the face of the forks is just 1050mm, minus the operator.

Low effort AC power steering and a display monitor on the tiller arm are further advantages.  The standard 2.5m mast comes with mast tilt as standard and is also available in a range of options. The powerful high capacity 375Ah battery guarantees constant availability even throughout long shifts and its roll out design enables quick and easy battery changing.